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Here's your chance...

2010-01-23 10:10:05 by Dropkicked
Updated ask me anything. ONE THING.

It can be about myself, my life, your life, life in general, tech questions, art questions, food questions, bicycling questions, bicycling tips, bicycling maintenance, and all the miscellanea in between.

However, you are allowed ONE. And I will answer it to the best of my ability.

*edit* Basically, I'm doing this to prove if I can answer a higher volume of questions in a shorter amount of time.



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2010-01-23 11:25:29

what program do you use for your art?

Dropkicked responds:

I don't use any. I create my art by hand and then take photos of it because I don't even have a scanner.


2010-01-23 14:13:13

Are you gonna do any more art based around Baizley?
I love his work.

Dropkicked responds:

Probably not. That stuff was for an art class, and I've since graduated. I'm not too involved in visual arts any more.


2010-03-29 21:29:31

I don't have a question, just thought I'd say you're a pretty jazzy fellow.

Dropkicked responds:

Thanks boss. 'preciate it.


2010-03-31 02:02:46

No problem mate.

Actually, I do have a question now. What's Rhode Island like? Assuming the info over there
is correct

Like, the people, the landscape, the stores, the food, etc etc

I'm rather curious.

Dropkicked responds:

Well generally the people are unintelligent jerks, with the few exceptions of course. There's a really crappy local music scene and nobody really seems to be going anywhere. Basically a bunch of pissed off kids who think they're hardcore, who play BR00T4L death metal. The alternative to this is screamo/scenecore bands or if you're into an older crowd, washed up country guitarists in their forties.

It's kind of one of those places where if you didn't get out by the time you were 28, you're stuck here as part of the horribly sad local scenery.

There are some cool natural spots, as far as the temperate northeast goes, but the real good spots are down by the beaches, the coastal towns like Narragansett and Newport are pretty bitchin'. Providence is our capital and the only real GOOD city, but there's still really nothing to do anywhere. Good thing is, everything is only an hour away, so if you there is something going on in the state, you can be there for sure, but problem is, there's never anything TO do.

Being so small, with such a diverse cultural ecosystem creates this weird demographic because you have dense urban areas, comparable to some of the bigger cities, suburbs, wealthy areas, farms, beachfront property, and the deep, deep woods all within an hour's driving time. I mean, I have literally seen all of these in a single drive before.

There's a pretty legit art community in Providence near the Rhode Island School of Design (or as we call it, RISD) and in the Brown University area, but if they're not your kind of people, then it's really no use. Luckily, I like it a lot, and I try to spend a lot of time there.

Food is pretty standard, aside from some RI staples. Clam cakes and CHOWDAH (chowder), coffee milk, and Del's Frozen Lemonade (honestly, my favorite out of the three). These are all I can think of, and I'm sure that there are tons more, but these are the three biggest I'm sure.

During the winter, it's brutally cold and snowy, and it gets hot and disgustingly humid during the summer, but that goes with anywhere in New England. Cars actually have pretty terrible resale rates because of the harsh weather.

But yeah, terrible accents, a lot of dumb old people and dumb kids. I'm actually hard pressed to find truly intelligent people wherever I go. There's a big Italian/guido population, which only serves to decrease the general IQ.

Oh, and RI, MA, and CT are interchangeable. If you're from one, you're from all of them.

Honestly I'd probably like it a lot more if I lived near the beaches (I live in the northern part, pretty close to Providence, but really far from the water) and bought into the whole "party 24/7" mentality, but given my situation, I really don't like it here.

But yeah, to sum it up: There's never anything to do, it's tough to find open minded intelligent people, the only things to ever to are fuck, drink, or smoke weed, the weather is unpredictable and sucks ass, and unless you're wealthy or live near the coast, life kind of sucks.

I just realized how strange it probably is that I can basically describe an entire state in the same manner anyone would describe their hometown.


2010-04-01 22:59:05

Just lettin ya know I read your entire comment and appreciate the lengthy reply.


Sounds like a dandy place, or atleast better than my town.


2010-07-15 11:24:18

Have you ever purchased something at a store and left it at the register?

Dropkicked responds:

Actually yes. It escapes me at the moment what it was but I remember going "FUCK" when I was about 30 miles away. It was out of town, is all I know.